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                                       NOTE:  Until now, this site served two purposes.  It was my vanity site, where I posted

                            essays on various topics, motivated by whatever asinine human or inhuman conduct irritated

                          me most the day of writing.  It still serves that purpose.

                                       The other purpose was to share articles and monographs on teaching the dyslexic reader,

                            and on the teaching of elementary mathematics. Those pieces come from a 30 year career

                            in mathematics education, and, for the past 10 years, doing remedial reading work with dyslexics

                                      That work, with dyslexics, has resulted in the ExWyZee Remedial Reading Computer Program,

                            a program for use by parents of reading-impaired students.  The education offerings have been

                            moved to my new site:


                            So, for articles and monographs on remedial reading and elementary mathematics that were on

                            this vanity site, please log off and go to my other website: 


                                    MY ESSAYS     [Essay Page]

                                    Pieces that derive from a fantasy of being mentioned with the likes of such

                                    philosophers as Kirk E. Guard and that Chinese one, Nee Chee. 

                                    But a caution:  Some of them are intended for the mature among us.


                                    TODAY'S RANT    [Today's Rant]

                                    It's about Ending Social Promotion (ESP).  That  silly chant was recently recited by Detroit Public

                                    Schools' appointed administrator, and reported with gusto in the Detroit Free Press.  Check in later.


                                    FOR SALE       [For Sale]    

                                    *Teachers' problem solving  books for elementary mathematics, grades 4-9.

                                    *Using base ten blocks to teach whole number addition and subtraction, grades 1-N.

                                    *Cuisenaire Rods.  25% off list.   (Supply limited)

                                    *My undiscovered novel, The Cant Hardley Farm.  (Supply Unlimited)


My Great American Novel has not yet been discovered by Oprah nor by the New York Times, but here it is. 

Now all I have to do is figure out how to enable you to pay for it through Paypal.  Be patient.  We'll get

Paypal figured out.  But for 10 bucks, check, cash, or postage stamps, I'll ship it to you even now. 

(You're probably not old enough to remember payment by stamps.  Few people are.)

Click below to enlarge:

The Can't Hardley Farm



Two rape-murders are solved, then become un-solved when retired Dallas Lieutenant Jodi Cutler, Detective Jay Hardley, and German Shepherd Grit uncover evidence which may point to the innocence of a convicted man.

Softcover, 248 pages




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