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                                    These pieces spring from a fantasy of being mentioned with the likes of such

                                    philosophers as Kirk E. Guard and that Chinese one, Nee Chee. 


                                    There is no theme-ness to the essays.  Each one resulted simply from whatever

                                    topic irritated me the most that day.


                                    But a caution:  Some of them are intended only  for the mature among us. 


                                                      TITLE                                                           LINK

                                    I Did Not Choose to be Heterosexual   Homosexuality

                              Being Vindictive, I'm Against Capital Punishment  Death Penalty

                              Truth in Theology   Prayer

                              To Racial Purists Everywhere   Racism

                              Reincarnation Revisited   Reincarnation

                              Stars & Stripes vs the Swastika  Flag Burning

                              To Hunt to Pursue to Seek to Outwit    Hunting                                

                              Flying VFRD - VFR Dumb   Flying Dumb

                              A Soldier's Prayer    Don't Let Me Die In Vain 

                              Merit Pay for Teachers   President Obama Contest

                              A Parents' Guide to Schools of Choice   Schools of Choice